Mistakes To Avoid When Starting An Online Business


July 10, 2017 Business No comments

Starting an online business may look easy and simple compared to an offline, brick-and-mortar store. But the truth of the matter is, running an online business let alone starting it is just as challenging. We’re not scaring you or discouraging you from starting one but you have to know on the get go that starting an online business can be tricky because there is always that need to build your credibility. If you fail in this area, getting customers to trust you and buy from you is going to be difficult if not impossible. And you know for a fact that when customers are not buying your products and/or services, it’s not going to take long before your business completely shuts down.

Don’t make your first attempt at starting an online business a failure just because you made a couple of disastrous mistakes. The following are some of the possible mistakes you can make when starting an online business. Identifying them and being familiar with them at this stage is fundamental to keep your business from bankruptcy.


Number one, you don’t have a plan.

Any business that doesn’t have a business plan is destined to shut down. Even if you don’t have a formal 50-page business plan, the least you could do if you care enough about your business is to have a plan, any plan at all that will give you a clear picture of the direction you want to go. A plan involves knowing who your customers are, what you intend to sell, and identifying the type of market who are willing to pay for what you have to offer.

Number two; you put way too much attention on trivial matters.

Sure you need to be meticulous but sometimes you have to know your priorities. Getting distracted by the little things such as the design of your business cards is just a waste of time. If you have enough budget, hire a graphic designer and pay them on a per project basis so you can concentrate on your marketing and business strategies rather than waste your precious time over trivial or less important matters that don’t really impact your sales.

Number three; you don’t think hiring a Melbourne bookkeeper is necessary.

As your business grows you will need a dependable and trustworthy bookkeeper to keep track of all your financial statements and documents. Hiring them early on is essential for the growth of your business. Even though you are just starting out as an online business, eventually you’ll have goals of expanding and as your business grows, so does your finances. It’s going to be difficult if you are not going to hire a bookkeeper to record and organise your business transactions. You won’t know if your business is earning or if you have incurred any losses during the process. Your bookkeeper will keep you informed about the status of your business so when things become unfavorable, you can take action immediately before it is too late.

These mistakes can be avoided, you just have to know what they are.